PATTERN IDEA is a unique marketplace for exclusive artworks and creative designs for the fashion and interior market.

We are always looking for new talented artist and creative designers to be part of this unique marketplace community.

All artist, graphic designers, textile designer and photographers can be part on Pattern Idea and start to create an exclusive design shop.


We are creating a marketplace with designers that are selling original artworks in digital files (PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPEG) as exclusive, unique, original only for exclusive commercial licensed.


We believe in unique and original art, ideas and creativity.




  • Create your own shop.
  • Description of your studio, style, artworks, idea.
  • Upload 2 files per download:
  1. Upload your files as PSD, Tiff in layers ready to download and high resolution, minimum 300dpi and 30×30 cm.
  2. Upload a cover image as low resolution jpeg, 72 dpi.
  • Set your own pricing for each artworks.
  • For each sale you will get a high percentage commission: Artist 70% included TAX and PATTERN IDEA 30%
  • You will receive payment for each sale in 30 days.
  • You can promote you shop




  1. What is is a creative online studio / marketplace with a catalog of exclusive artworks for the fashion and interior market.

We bring together artist, creative designer, graphic designer, textile and pattern designer, photographer, illustrator to supply exclusive licensed artworks for a commercial use, ready to download files for buyers from everywhere.

Each artist and creative designer are selling exclusive artworks and agreement direct to the buyer. is only the marketplace community, a meeting platform for creative designers and buyers from everywhere.


  1. All designs are exclusive?


All digital files are unique, original and exclusive designs and artworks.

The design is in sale exclusive on and not everywhere as digital or physical format.

The design does not contain logo, image, symbol or elements from any another existing design, stock image, brand or company.

The artist/creative designer owns the right to any image, artwork, illustration, photograph used in each file.

One sold the artwork/design the exclusive license as commercial use is for the buyer who bought the file.


  1. Can I buy exclusive artworks for a commercial use?


Yes. You can find only exclusive and unique designs and artworks with a licensed and commercial use agreement from the artist/creative designer and the buyer.

Every design available on has an exclusive license that mean the buyer one bought the exclusive artwork, the file will be deleted from the website and will not longer available to sell.

We make sure each designer will upload only exclusive artworks/designs and one the design will be download is not going to be use as artworks or separate elements/motifs to any other online platform, client, design project.

The agreement is between the artist/design seller/vendor and the buyer with transparency and respect.

All designs/artworks bought from the artist shop on cannot be used or edit for re-sale digitally. All designs one bought can be used, edited or reworked for the exclusive commercial use, printed onto physical products.


  1. Artwork Purchase


The artwork one purchase online after completed the checkout process, the buyer will

receive an email with payment confirmation with a link for your file ready to download.

Ones the artwork/design is bought and downloaded if there is a technical issue with the file

please contact the designer directly to make sure your file will fulfill the supply

requirements.  Make sure before to buy and download, the design will meet your creative

needs because after you bought and downloaded the file we cannot refund the purchase.